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    Shading Tips!

    Post by Davidchao23 on 3/21/2016, 4:34 pm

      David here, and I want to point out a few things in shading for those who either don't know how to, or just need some tips.


      First things first,

      (This can apply to art as well)

      Not only it doesn't look good, it just looks bad if you want more color to your art. If we're talking about sprites, never just darken the current color of the object your shading on. This almost doesn't apply to colors like red, green, or blue. Instead, you would want to change the hue from something like from orange to red, cyan to blue, purple to blue, and yellow to orange. If you want to not darken red or blue for a shade, change the hue a little bit to red to slight pink, blue to slight purple.

      (Mostly applies for sprites)

      Don't always outline your sprite with the color black. Make sure your sprite has a light source, so depending on the color of the sprite, the lightest spot would lighten with the color of the sprite on the edges.

      Example from Drakonekoshi:


      Well, those are my tips for this. Hope you like them

      *Struggles with sprite fight animations*
      *Gets salty*
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      Re: Shading Tips!

      Post by Rapidfir3Pho3nix on 3/21/2016, 7:37 pm

        Thanks for the tips! I'll be sure to remember then next time I try my hand at spriting again haha

        Also the colors at the top are very helpful cuz I never know how different my colors I use for shading should be. I usually just darken them which I now see is a no-no.

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