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on 9/10/2015, 8:28 am
So I don't know if any of you watched the Pokemon Company Business Conference or not but in there they talked about some pretty cool shit related to the future of Pokemon. If you haven't seen it you can watch it here.


One of the things talked about in the conference was an iOS/Android app called Pokemon GO! Pokemon GO will be an app that uses augmented reality to let you find, battle, and capture Pokemon based on your location.


Here is the trailer for it.

So yeah this seems fucking awesome. There is a pretty high chance this can bomb, however, I don't think it will because it's being worked on by the people who made Ingress. For those of you who don't know, Ingress is a highly regarded augmented reality based Android game that uses your location to find portals and shit around your location. They also talked about an additional accessory called Pokemon GO Plus which is a wristband that will connect to your phone via bluetooth and vibrate to notify you that a Pokemon is in your location. I will most definitely be buying one of these, tho I will probably turn it into a necklace honestly.

Anyways, hopefully this will be fucking awesome. From the trailer it looks like it's only gonna launch with Gen 1 to start off with since those are the only Pokemon in the trailer. I'm fine with that as long as they plan to introduce the other Gens (gotta get my Typhlosion yo) and don't make us pay for them, but we'll see. I'm actually not that worried about buying Pokeballs and shit cuz you actually do that in the game, so that will be a pretty interesting dynamic for the game.

I would prefer it if legendaries were found in more hidden, rural areas because then that would mean that they would be as rare as in the Pokemon games but I can see reasons as to why that would not be the best option for them to take.

I really, REALLY, REALLY want shiny Pokemon in this. That would this SO much better.

Also, I wonder how deep they will make the battle system. Will it be at the same level as the games or will it be without all the extra EV/IV, chain breeding, etc., stuff that goes into competitive battling? Speaking of games, this is supposed to tie in with the actual Pokemon games so that will be awesome. They'll probably have Pokemon you can encounter and be able to send to your game or something.

Anyways, I'm fucking hype.
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on 9/12/2015, 10:58 pm
Lets see what the actual things is like. They can't make it too bad, can they?
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on 9/13/2015, 8:12 pm
Taking it at face value, it has a lot of potential. But we don't know anything about it beyond it's an AR game with Pokemon and it's F2P, so it also has a lot of potential to be shite.

Also interesting that this has been in the works for a few years and the guys making it are ex-Google employees, when earlier this year Google did the April Fool's Joke about the AR Pokemon mobile game that's literally exactly like this. Crafty devils, they basically did their market research for free without anyone realizing it.

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