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    The Challenges of The Spritas

    Post by Rapidfir3Pho3nix on 10/22/2016, 7:10 pm

    The Challenges of The Spritas

    The Challenges here at The Spritas are designed to be fun events that will hopefully make you a better animator, though sometimes they are just for fun. How the process works is as follows:

    A Challenge will be created here by one of the admins and there will be a certain theme the animators will be animating to. After the animations are turned in and the due date is reached, the animations will be judged based on the theme. The animation that follows the theme the best and looks the best is the winner. For winning a Challenge you will be awarded medals that you'll be able to show off around the site.

    With that, make sure to read the general rules when participating in a Challenge!

    General Rules

    -All Challenges will be for sprite movies and sprites only, unless specified. This site is dedicated to sprites after all.

    -Everyone is welcome to compete, even if you suck or your animation sucks or whatever. If it does suck, it will probably lose, but we certainly won't disallow it before the challenge ends. In fact we encourage you to compete anyway because you will get better by trying.

    -Challenges can only be started by authorized personnel only! This includes judges and users with permission. Challenges are meant to be carefully designed by us special people. If you have an idea for a Challenge, feel free to contact us.

    -There is no voting process to determine a winner, given the instability of selecting the best submission (voting for inaccurate/unfair reasons, etc). Challenges are judged unbiased by the experts like me k.

    -If judges happen to participate in a Challenge, their submissions will not be included in the competing process and thus will not be judged themselves. Those submissions will only be for entertainment or example.

    -Under no circumstances should you use stolen content. If it happens to be common sounds or something, we won't really care. But, if you are using someone else's custom/edited content, things that are not generic and have an artist's signature to them, your submission will be disqualified, no exceptions.

    That's it! Happy Posting!

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