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The Spritas DeviantArt Submissions

on 10/21/2016, 11:28 am
Link to The Spritas DeviantArt Group: The Spritas DeviantArt Group

The Spritas DeviantArt Group is for sharing your work be it sprites, animations, or just general art with the DeviantArt community. As such, there are a few rules to follow when posting to the group.

Rules for Posting to the Group

As far as posting to the group goes make sure to follow these rules:

  • Do not post any content that is NSFW
  • Put all submissions into their necessary category. (Sprites go into Sprites, animations go into Animations, and anything other than that goes into Other.)
  • Try to keep posts relevant (i.e., a picture of your cat is cute, but it doesn't need to be on the DeviantArt page)

That's pretty much it. Happy Posting!
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