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Dragonball AT episode 2 (wip)

on 7/8/2015, 5:48 am
well its been awhile hasn't it spritas? well lets get down to business shall we.

this is the second episode of my series "dragonball AT" and im trying to make serious improvements from the first episode that i now hate with a undying passion (im going to stop talking about episode 1 now before i end up going on a ragerant)

so far i think im doing a good job improving on not only the animation but the writing as well (giving the characters actual character and such) but id like to know what others think early on.

my only problem i have right now is im not exactly the best when it comes to actually working on this animation. ive been very lazy (its been 2 months since episode 1 and this is all i have) and am trying to beat that habit. but its kinda hard when theres a part where i just can't get past. you see the training montage stops after roshi's 100 meter dash test currently but the music keeps going. thats because i want the montage to last for the entire dragonsoul orchestral music....but i have one problem. I DONT KNOW HOW I WANT TO CONTINUE IT. thats the main part i need help with. i need ideas for how to continue the montage XD

and i really want to get past the montage this episode is gonna be a long one. the events that take place in this episode i originally had planned to take place over 2 episodes. so naturally i dont want to be stuck here for long.

and now that ive forced you guys to read all that heres the link XD link  (was making sure people actually read what i had to say before watching)

thank you for your time ^_^
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