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PingShake dat ass.2010-09-152014-03-08, 10:3620146 Send private message  http://www.thespritas.com 
PattHorror, Action, and Comedy.2009-03-282014-05-21, 18:5213036 Send private message   
Faceif nothing blows up and there's no nudity it aint a movie2010-04-29unknown12862 Send private message   
GranadicoAction/Comedy/Anything that seems interesting2008-11-18Yesterday at 21:5812525 Send private message  http://Youtube.com/user/Granadico 
SXR123Action! a little comedy... and some other stuff2010-03-07Today at 11:3111122 Send private message  http://www.youtube.com/user/sonicXrules123 
Leome2009-05-23Today at 06:559048 Send private message   
Renny2009-12-122013-07-21, 13:297880 Send private message   
5h0ckThe Darkness comes2010-09-082015-01-03, 22:527171 Send private message   
D3Animsaction, horror, thriller, crime, war, sprites that dont rape dbz effects/sounds/style2010-09-092014-05-09, 06:406270 Send private message   
NS01Comedy 2009-09-07Today at 16:205990 Send private message  http://www.youtube.com/user/NintendoStar01 
sieghartAction&Adventure2012-05-17Today at 14:115452 Send private message   
ToxicAction,Suspension,Fantasy(lord of rings),Documentary2010-10-032014-03-27, 23:085124 Send private message   
BlitznBurstPornpornpornpornporn2011-01-15Yesterday at 16:364783 Send private message   
narutoall76action/adventure2010-10-232014-04-25, 15:364464 Send private message   
EricHorror and comedy <3 2008-10-202014-05-21, 09:414285 Send private message  http://www.thespritas.com/forum.htm 
TalDeath2011-08-202014-05-30, 03:063968 Send private message  http://tal9x9.newgrounds.com/ 
Rapidfir3Pho3nixHorror2009-01-23unknown3924 Send private message   
BDBComedy and Action2008-11-04Today at 15:373347 Send private message   
Luigiman3642010-12-132014-01-01, 00:563097 Send private message  http://www.youtube.com/user/SuperLuigi150942?feature=mhum 
darkdragon581Anime2009-12-052013-07-26, 00:582994 Send private message  http://www.youtube.com/user/darknivlac